It Ain't Over! Kelis Pops Off on Beyoncé, Pharrell and 'Spineless' Chad Hugo Over Song 'Theft': 'I Said What I Said' [Video]

Kelis isn’t backing down.

After previously calling out Beyoncé and Pharrell for sampling her song for the upcoming ‘Renaissance’ track “Energy” and not telling her, Kelis took to Instagram to explain where her frustration is coming from.

She makes it clear that she’s upset because she feels Beyoncé — or her agent or manager — should’ve had the common decency to hit her up and let her know she was using her song — but also because Pharrell has done this before to be “petty.”

Kelis also takes issue with Pharrell and other people stealing royalties from artists.

It’s a lot to process, but it’s clear Kelis has a very strong stance.

Watch below.


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