Abby Lee Miller Blasted for Admitting She's Attracted to High School Football Players: ‘My Downfall’

Abby Lee Miller, who’s 57-years-old, has admitted she is “still” attracted to high school football players.

via Page Six:

The former “Dance Moms” star appeared on the “Sofia with an F” podcast last Thursday and discussed Tom Cruise’s 1983 film “All the Right Moves,” in which the actor played a teenage defensive back seeking a sports scholarship.

“Oh, that’s my downfall. I like the high school football players,” Miller, 57, admitted. “I still like them.”

The show’s host, Sofia Franklyn, noted that she is attracted to adult coaches, but the former choreographer doubled down on her inappropriate admission.

“Not one that used to be in high school but one that is,” she said, prompting Franklyn to end their interview.

A rep for Miller didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

TikTok user Bites of Chaos shared the clip and suggested that the former “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” host did not understand how her comments would be taken, which sparked viewers to further bash Miller.

“Bro she said the ones in highschool [sic] that’s literally the only way to take it,” responded one user.

“I was trying my best to be like ‘oh she must have meant it this way’ until she kept talking and I was like uhhhh,” wrote another.

“Not even former players, she had to specify they were STILL IN HS,” commented a third.

“how people are gonna take it??? she clarified! ,” noted one more.

The convicted felon, who served time behind bars for bankruptcy fraud, is no stranger to controversy. She had to issue an apology in 2020 after being called out by a young dancer’s mother who accused her of being racist.

“I realize that racism can come not just from hate, but also from ignorance. No matter the cause, it is harmful, and it is my fault,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

“While I cannot change the past or remove the harm I have done, I promise to educate myself, learn, grow, and do better. While I hope to one day earn your forgiveness, I recognize that words alone are not enough. I understand it takes time and genuine change.”

Send her back to jail.

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