Aaron Hernandez's Brother Arrested For Alleged School Shooting Fears

Aaron Hernandez’s brother, D.J. Hernandez finds himself in legal trouble again following alleged school shooting threats.

via: Daily Beast

The older brother of Aaron Hernandez was arrested after concerns were raised he was allegedly planning school shootings, according to TMZ. According to Bristol Police Department documents, Dennis “D.J.” Hernandez displayed signs of being “gravely disabled and a danger to society.” In early July, the BPD says several people came forward to say D.J. had been acting erratically and sent one text allegedly reading “we’re taking lives if s*** isn’t paid up. It’s been years in planning just taking notes, names and locations.” A woman claiming to be D.J.’s ex also allegedly told cops that instead of going to a court date on July 7, he drove to Brown University and the University of Connecticut, where he “went into a number of classrooms and buildings.” Police say they went to a residence where they found D.J. on July 19 after he posted messages containing threatening language on social media. At the house, he allegedly told officers he was “armed and that if we approached him, he would kill us all.” He was eventually tasered and taken to a hospital before being booked on charges of threatening and breach of peace, according to TMZ.

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