Aaliyah’s Posthumous Album, ‘Unstoppable,’ Will Be Out This Month With Features From Drake And Snoop Dogg [Video]

Since last year’s deal between Aaliyah’s original label, Blackground Records, and EMPIRE was inked, fans are finally getting their long-awaited wish of her music on streaming services.

via: NME

Aaliyah‘s uncle Barry Hankerson has confirmed that the late singer’s forthcoming posthumous album ‘Unstoppable’ will be released this month.

Hankerson, who founded Aaliyah’s former label Blackground Records and owns all of her masters, revealed in a new interview that her fourth album will feature Ne-Yo, Drake, Snoop Dogg and Future following the release of recent single, ‘Poison’, which featured The Weeknd.

He went on to say the album would be out this month but didn’t specify a date.

Hankerson previously spoke about the record, last month telling Billboard: “The body of work is pure hip-hop and R&B […] Some of the people that Aaliyah liked are on the album.

“She loved Snoop Dogg, who’s done a great record in collaboration with Future. Ne-Yo gave us an excellent song; also Drake. Timbaland produced the track that Chris Brown did. It’s vintage R&B with strong vocals.”

Hankerson subsequently released a statement, writing: “Thank you to all of her many fans for keeping [Aaliyah’s] music alive.

“I’m sorry it took so long, but when you lose a family member so unexpectedly, it takes time to deal with that type of grief. I decided to release Aaliyah’s music in order to keep her legacy alive.”

Aaliyah’s music coming to streaming services hasn’t come without controversy. Aaliyah’s estate, which is not affiliated with Hankerson, has noted that several of the artists involved with her back catalog will not see profits under the deal between Blackground and EMPIRE. It raises an issue for fans who are surely happy to have Aaliyah’s music at their fingertips but then have to ask themselves, whether this is the way they wanted it to happen. Regardless, Unstoppable is officially set to drop later this month.

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