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71-Year-Old ‘American Idol’ Judge Lionel Richie Dating 30-Year-Old [Photos]

Lionel Richie, who has been romantically involved with Lisa Parigi, 30, for some time, with reports suggesting that the pair first began dating back in 2014. Is now facing backlash over the age gap of the couple.

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71-year-old “American Idol” judge Lionel Richie is reportedly in a serious relationship with a 30-year-old named Lisa Parigi.

According to reports, the “Dancing On The Ceiling” singer has reportedly been dating the beauty entrepreneur since 2014. Lisa’s exact age is unclear but it’s believed she’s in her early 30’s.

Lionel has two daughters: 22-year-old Sofia Richie and 39-year-old Nicole Richie. His daughters seem to be big fans of Lisa. Lionel posted a video of the three of them singing his girlfriend “Happy Birthday” back in October.

He captioned the video, “Happy Birthday My Love.. ? @lisaparigi_ You always make everyone feel special…?Today we celebrate you… ?? #surprise #bday #latergram

According to Lisa’s Instagram, she is originally from Switzerland but now lives in Los Angeles with her man. The stunner is the founder of a company named Glow Up Beauty.

“He looks amazing for his age! And sis looks 21! ? they clearly still have a ton of youth left in them! Hope they spend the rest of their time enjoying every second! ?????” said one fan.


The reactions didn’t stop. One person defended the couple writing, “Lionel Richie’s Girlfriend is 30, this is what I’m talking about, where are the good-looking Lionel Richie sugar daddies at!! He doesn’t even look 71.”

Another said, “See this is the problem Lionel Richie and his girlfriend people have said they have been together since 2014 why are y’all calling her a gold digger you don’t know this lady at all she has her own business and is a success in her own right.”

“So when Lionel Richie was 40, and his daughter was 9, his girlfriend was born. Then I was born 5 years later. Damn,” pointed out one mathematician.

Okay it’s time to open the country back up because people are bored bored at home, these two have been dating for nearly 6 years and now this is a topic. Let folks be happy.

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