50 Cent Ordered to Pay Mother of Rick Ross' Child Additional $2 Million for Leaking Sex Tape


A New York City jury has awarded Lavonia Leviston an additional $2 million in punitive damages for having her sex tape leaked by 50 Cent in 2009.

Prior to today’s jury decision, 50 was ordered to pay Lavonia $5 million, which resulted in the rapper filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Connecticut—a move that many believe was calculated to hopefully free him from having to cough up that much dough. 

50 leaked Lavonia’s sex tape online as a diss to Rick Ross, who has a child with the plaintiff. If you recall, the two rappers beefed heavily in 2009.

So, $2.5 million for using Lavonia’s image without her permission, another $2.5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress and now $2 million in punitive damages…


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