50 Cent Accuses AT&T of Racism, Urges 'Power' Viewers to Switch to Another Cable Provider [Photos]

50 Cent slammed AT&T in a series of tweets and Instagram posts Saturday.

The rapper accused AT&T of racism after negotiations between Starz and AT&T U-verse came to a standstill.

If a new deal falls through, Power, which boasts a predominantly black cast and is the highest performing series in Starz’s history, may be unavailable to U-Verse customers by month’s end. In other words, Power viewership could potentially plummet.

50, clearly peeved by the stalled negotiations, took to Twitter and Instagram to vent his frustrations, urging Power viewers to switch to a different cable provider in the process.

See his Instagram posts below.

We hope that Starz and AT&T U-Verse reach an agreement for the show’s sake.

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