Woman Breaks into Chris Brown's Home, Spray Paints 'MRS. BROWN' on His Rolls-Royce & Is Found Completely Naked in His Bed [Photo]

Chris Brown Woman Bed

My, my, my.

Chris Brown was in for an unsettling surprise when he returned to his Agoura Hills, California, home Wednesday night and found a stranger in his bed… completely nude!

According to Chris, the 21-year-old woman cooked herself several meals, wrote “I LOVE YOU” on the walls and even tossed out his daughter and dog’s belongings. To make matters even worse, Chris claims that he found “all these crazy voodoo things” around his home.

He actually shared a photo of the intruder on Instagram, and she looks mighty comfortable.


It doesn’t end there; the woman also spray painted “MRS. BROWN” on the singer’s Rolls-Royce and black Range Rover.

After finding the woman, Chris called police, who arrested and booked the intruder on charges of felony burglary and felony vandalism.

This story is a MESS!  Let us pray.

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