Whoops: Gas Station Manager Fired After Accidentally Setting Gas Price at 69 Cents per Gallon Instead of $6.99

One gas station manager learned the power of a misplaced decimal after he accidentally set gas prices at 69 cents per gallon and got fired.

via People:

John Szczecina, who worked at a station in Rancho Cordova, said he unintentionally put a decimal in the wrong spot, causing the gas price to be set at 69 cents instead of $6.99, according to CBS station KOVR.

“This is a nightmare,'” Szczecina recalled thinking at the time, according to the outlet. “I put all three prices on there except the diesel, but the last one kind of didn’t go, you know, right.”

The pricing error reportedly cost the Northern California gas station thousands of dollars as people started sharing the deal on social media, according to the outlet.

“So I just took responsibility for it and I said ‘yeah it’s my fault, and I’m to blame,” he said.

The total loss ended up being $20,000, according to a GoFundMe set up by his family to help him pay back the sum.

Szczecina told KOVR he is also worried about getting sued by the owners of the station.

The national average price for gas is just over $5 per gallon while the average price for California drivers has soared to $6.43 per gallon, according to AAA.

The last time drivers were able to purchase gas for 69 cents was in 1978, according to KOVR.

He may have been fired, but he’ll forever go down as a local hero.

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