White House Lawyers Have Reportedly Started Researching Impeachment Procedures

White House lawyers have reportedly begun researching impeachment procedures — just in case they have to defend Donald Trump from attempts to remove him from office, sources told CNN.

Still — we have a long way to go until we get that far.

via NYDN:

A White House official told CNN that the claims are “not true.”

They believe the President still has the confidence of fellow Republicans in Congress and believe impeachment will not be immediately called for.

Democratic lawmakers are even joining the chorus, calling impeachment talks premature, according to CNN.

Lawyers in the White House counsel’s office, however, reportedly began acquiring information about the process to discern how proceedings would work, the news site notes.

An attorney close to White House counsel Don McGahn called the likelihood of such research undertakings doubtful, however, saying it wouldn’t be something he would authorize.

The reported research on behalf of the White House is a part of the legal team’s current attempt to defend the President. It comes as more officials and media personalities question Trump’s antics and his fitness for office.

A wedge was driven into any bolstered defense recently, as it was announced that the Justice Department had appointed a former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, as special counsel to oversee the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump is bogged down by a number of scandals just four months into his first term.

They have forced Trump surrogates — like Vice President Mike Pence, senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and press secretary Sean Spicer — to repeatedly play defense and make rounds on the various cable news networks.

The President is facing scrutiny over his handling of the James Comey termination, his questionable comments about the former FBI director and the lingering issue of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia.

What’s more, there are ongoing questions concerning the Trump campaign’s closeness to Russia — relating to former campaign manager Paul Manafort, reported foreign policy adviser Carter Page and Flynn, who was fired for his apparent failure to tell Pence about his discussions with Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak.

Get him out of there! Pence and the rest of them can go too.

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