Where's Ari Fletcher? MoneyBagg Yo Quarantining With Baby Mama And Daughter [Video]

MoneyBagg Yo and Ari Fletcher seem to be getting along well, though it appears the rapper still prefers to spend time with his daughter and baby mama during quarantine. A video has recently surfaced online of the “Relentless Again” rapper happily playing with his baby.

In the video, which was filmed by his baby mama, MoneyBagg could be seen laying on a sofa as his daughter was sitting on top of him. He seemed to be helping the little bundle of joy drink before looking straight at the camera with a rather surprised look on his face. Seeing his act, the baby mama simply laughed as she continued filming.

This prompted several people to question where Ari is. “Moneybagg Yo is quarantined with his baby mama and daughter. LMAO. B***h he done kicked Ari to the curb already?” one assumed. Meanwhile, another said, “They said Ari trying so hard to make Moneybagg into boyfriend material and that man popped up with a WHOLE newborn.”

Meanwhile, some others were surprised to learn of how young the baby was, making them believe that the rumors about him getting another girl pregnant during his romance with Megan Thee Stallion were true. “Y’all remember the rumor that he had someone pregnant when he was with Meg,” someone said. “I guess this is the baby.”

One other commented, “I’m glad my Good sis Meg left him where he stood honey cuz that’s toooo much. That’s a whole baby a fresh one too,” while another individual weighed in, “So you mean to tell me that when him and Meg were together, he got somebody pregnant?.. chileeeee, we definitely in the ghetto.”

MoneyBagg and Megan broke up last year after dating for less than a year. Prior to the breakup, he was hit with a cheating allegation that he immediately denied.

[via AceShowbiz]

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