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Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Evicted from $2 Million Miami Apartment Due to Wendy Being ‘Cut Off’ from Her Finances

Wendy Williams’ 22-year-old son Kevin was evicted from his $2 million Miami apartment after Wendy “was cut off from her fortune and can’t pay his rent,” according to court filings.

Kevin was hit with a lawsuit seeking $70,000 in back rent for non-payment starting in February of this year.

via The Sun:

The eviction suit, which was filed in August, includes a copy of Kevin Jr.’s lease, which shows Wendy paid for a full year in advance, as well as a security deposit and other fees.

Wendy dropped over $100,000 on the apartment for her 22-year-old son for the first year of the lease – which started in March of 2021 and ended in February, with Kevin agreeing to continue to rent the apartment on a monthly basis after the lease term had passed.

The U.S. Sun previously exclusively reported that Wendy’s Wells Fargo accounts were frozen in January of this year, which lines up with when the overdue rent began to pile up, as mentioned in Kevin’s eviction lawsuit.

In his response to the lawsuit, Kevin told the court that his famous mother rented the apartment for him.

He said that as the lease approached the end “my mom went through some health issues that put the court in control of her finances,” and that “all of the financial support that she always gave stopped,” including his housing.

Kevin added that he is currently in school full-time but had to take a full year off due to COVID and taking care of Wendy.

Wendy’s son added, “for medical and legal reasons, she has not been able to pay the rent for the past months since the 1-year lease ended and the court controlled her finances.”

The 22-year-old added “Everything happened very quickly and unexpectedly and I had no idea things would end up like this,” before adding that he would be moving out on September 7th.

Kevin Jr. is not the only person whose living conditions have been impacted by Wendy being placed under financial guardianship.

As The U.S. Sun reported last week, Wendy’s ex, Kevin Hunter Sr, claimed he could face foreclosure if his alimony payments don’t resume.

Lord, everyone depends on Wendy’s income to survive. That’s a big part of how she got into this predicament in the first place.

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