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Well: Tomi Lahren Called a ‘Racist Ass B*tch,’ Gets a Drink Thrown at Her at a Hip-Hop Themed Brunch [Video]

Tomi Lahren and her mother, Trudy, got into a heated argument with patrons at a hip-hop themed brunch on Saturday that resulted in Tomi getting a drink thrown at her.

via Complex:

Lahren was dining with her mother at Union Bar and Grill Saturday when the tossed drink took flight. A witness to the incident, identified in the report as Devan Madison, said his friend—a waiter at the restaurant—described Lahren as “extremely rude” with “a big attitude” during the supposedly “hip-hop themed” brunch proceedings. 

As Lahren made her way out of Union, a woman tossed a glass of water after Lahren allegedly scowled and said something about this particular day being “just another day in the life.” That’s an interesting alleged statement, as one could argue that literally any day is another day in any life. Anyway, the reaction to the chucked water? Per Madison, “literally” the entire restaurant promptly cheered.

In clips, you can hear someone calling Lahren a “racist-ass bitch.” The same commentator goes on: “Why you even out here? Get that bitch outta here. Fuck that bitch.”

Lahren later called the incident “embarrassing” for her and her family. “You don’t have to like me, you don’t have to like my political opinions, but you don’t have the right to throw things at me,” she said during a Fox News appearance Wednesday morning, adding that she’s “a person too.”

Check out the clips below:

When you’re a known racist, you really have to tread lightly in these streets — especially at a hip-hop themed brunch. While we don’t condone violence, she should be grateful they decided to throw water and not hands. It could’ve been worse.

Unsurprisingly, Trump couldn’t wait to hop on Twitter and defend his longtime supporter.


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