Watch: 'Zoom Karen' Interrupts Grandchild's Online Class to Bash Black Lives Matter and Barack Obama [Video] |

Watch: ‘Zoom Karen’ Interrupts Grandchild’s Online Class to Bash Black Lives Matter and Barack Obama [Video]

A video of a grandmother branded “Zoom Karen” has gone viral on TikTok after user @Stayflyest shared a video of the woman interrupting her grandchild’s class to argue with the teacher about Black Lives Matter.

via NYP:

In the post dubbed “Karen found in Zoom Class going off,” which has garnered over 1.7 million views so far, the grandma barged into what looks like a middle school Zoom class, wagging her finger at the screen as the teacher discussed Black Lives Matter with the children.

“All we’re talking about are historical events,” the teacher says as the children register shock on their faces at the interruption.

“No, you’re talking about BLM and all that stuff. And we’re not going to talk about it. Unless you want to hear what I have to say,” the grandma raged before bizarrely adding: “And Barack Obama was biracial. He wasn’t just black. He should have owned both sides of his family.”

“Ma’am… Ma’am… we’re reading a story about a historical event and the question was presented to the students as ‘what’s the most important historical event that’s happened in your lifetime?’,” the teacher explained, attempting to calm the woman down.

“Well how did BLM show up?” the grandma asked.

“Your granddaughter brought it up,” The teacher replied.

In a follow-up post, the granddaughter screams, “I’m over it — just shut the f–k up!”

To which the teacher warns: “Zip it! Everything is being recorded so … you don’t really want to mess up here.”

We feel sorry for that grandchild. Watch the video below.


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