Watch: Rapper Plies Gets Attacked, Body Slammed by a 'Fan' On Stage [Video]

Plies Fan Body Slam Video Lovebscott

Rapper Plies was attacked on stage by a fan during a concert in Tallahassee, Fla., on Friday night.

A ‘fan’ grabbed Plies and body slammed him OFF the stage after the rapper said he was ‘too close’

Once the two hit the ground, a brawl erupted. Security eventually ejected the ‘fan’ from the venue and Plies went on to continue performing.

Later, the person responsible for body slamming Plies explained his side of the story with a video, saying:

“I f— with you bruh, that n—a is one of my top five artists,” he said. “That n—a started talking that bullshit. So I dropped his ass like any real n—a would do.”

Watch what happened to Plies as  well as the video from the man responsible below.

Plies Slammed at Concert…#plies #suplexSaturdays

A video posted by @cuzzin_d on

…another angle. #plies #suplexSaturdays

A video posted by @cuzzin_d on

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