Watch: Judge Joe Brown Goes on a Drunken Rant, Flirts With Random Women: 'I Need a Girlfriend Like You': [Video]

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Judge Joe Brown is totally guilty of…whatever this is.

To be honest, we don’t even know why this hit the internet. Someone caught up with Judge Joe Brown and a young lady and recorded their entire drunken conversation. You can see Joe saying he’s on ‘double sapphire Bombay and tonic’ … so it’s clear he’s under the influence.

At one point, the person filming says: “Guess what judge, I’m not guilty.”  Judge Brown replies, “F–k that –I quit… I do not do that bulls— anymore.”

He then proceeded to flirt with the women around him, saying: “Pretty women like you and you are insecure.”  Then he showed them pictures of his wife. Multiple times.

Watch below.


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