Watch: Blac Chyna Attends Mom Tokyo Toni's Wedding...via Instagram Live [Video] |

Watch: Blac Chyna Attends Mom Tokyo Toni’s Wedding…via Instagram Live [Video]

We haven’t been keeping up with Tokyo Toni or her shenanigans, but apparently she remarried her ex-husband Marcellus Hunter in a Valentine’s Day ceremony.

Blac Chyna and friends couldn’t make it to the ceremony, but Chyna did attend her mom’s special day via Instagram Live.

Yes, Instagram Live.

Take a look:

We’re happy Tokyo found love.

Sidebar: It might be worth noting that according to reports, when Tokyo and Marcellus were married the first time —  Marcellus filed a restraining order against Tokyo after she threatened to crack his skull open and leave him in a ditch.

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