Watch: Baltimore Mom Explains 'Tough Love' and How She Reacted to Seeing Her Son Rioting: 'I Just Lost It' [Video] |

Watch: Baltimore Mom Explains ‘Tough Love’ and How She Reacted to Seeing Her Son Rioting: ‘I Just Lost It’ [Video]

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We shared a little bit of Baltimore mom Toya Graham explaining why she frantically disciplined her son for rioting against police, but this morning she sat down with CBS News to share more from her perspective.

She opened up about the overwhelming response and support:

“So after speaking with the police officer and he pointed across the street from the mall, I stood there with the same side of the police with the shields — and they were throwing bricks. I was in awe — it was like “Oh my god!”

And to see my son come across the street with a rock in his hand — I just lost it. I did recognize the baggy sweatpants — he did have the hoodie and the mask on. We made eye contact.

I was pretty much just telling him, ‘How dare you do this.'”

She then explained how she went to Freddie Gray’s funeral and said that if her son wanted to support the movement in other ways she would have allowed it.

She also said that she just wants to save her son from the streets, not just because of what’s happening now but just the streets of Baltimore in general.

Watch Toya talk about the situation, being a single mother of six, and her opinion on the Freddie Gray situation and its impact on the community.

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