Watch: 2 Chainz Reportedly Getting Sued for Embarrassing Groupie with '#IsThisYoTHOT' Viral Video [Updated]

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A video was shared over the weekend by 2 Chainz and his crew embarrassing a groupie hopeful backstage during his T.R.U. Tour. The young lady, who goes by the name Tina, is now threatening to sue. See Update Below.

In the clip, Tina tries to get backstage to see Cap 1 and ends up getting made fun of the entire time by the crew.

“You ain’t gonna catch nothing out here but a cold, baby. Put something on your back, baby,” 2 Chainz yelled, entertaining his entourage. “Baby, we ain’t stuntin’ no p***y ’round here baby; we getting money!”

The title of the video comes from a question from the clip where 2 Chainz asked Cap, “Is that your THOT,” which is an acronym for “that hoe over there.”

Tina was successful in making he way backstage, but it was clear she really didn’t even know who Cap is. He was unimpressed. 2 Chainz continued to have fun at the girl’s expense and let her know that she was in ‘blog territory’ and that the whole incident was being recorded.

They then advised her to leave, and she did. Once she got home she deleted her Instagram account but later established a new one with a round of threats for 2 Chainz & his crew.

“What you did to me was not right you lanky lizard @hairweavekiller wait until my lawyers takes care of this how’s that for a thot I mean thought!,” she warned under a picture of 2 Chainz.

She allegedly turned down a settlement offer for $50 thousand from 2 Chainz legal team. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

UPDATE: The woman from the video sent us a new video she made, claiming the Instagram account threatening to sue isn’t hers.

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