Waka Flocka Flame Thinks Trump Is Better President Than Obama [Photos + Video]

Waka Flocka Flame is getting roasted on social media after appearing to show favor towards President Donald Trump over former President Barack Obama. The ‘No Hands’ Rapper’s Preference For Donald Trump As President Is Rather Surprising Since Back In 2017, He Publicly Showed His Dislike For The 45th POTUS By Desecrating Trump Merch On Stage.

via: AceShowbiz

The “Hard in da Paint” made public his opinion on the two leaders with opposing views on Instagram, when an apparent Obama supporter suggested that a Trump supporter is a clown. “its people who really think Trump is a better President than Obama..[a clown emoji],” the said person wrote.

Not ashamed of his political view, the New York City-born artist admitted as replying to the above-mentioned statement, “guess I’m a clown.”

Needless to say, Waka’s comment has drawn negative feedback from people who think he made the wrong choice. “Waka I think you read it wrong,” one person reacted, giving the “Round of Applause” spitter the benefit of the doubt.

Another accused him of taking Trump’s side because of his tax policy that is benefiting the riches, writing, “If ur only reason for supporting trump is cuz of taxes. Ur sad.” A third user similarly slammed him, “Yeah cause he is of a certain tax bracket and doesn’t identify with black people he is ‘native.’ ”

“He really support a man who loves white supremacists,” another remarked. Not surprised, some others wrote things like “Well he has been a clown so it’s not new” and “He always saying some dumb a** s**t on this app & watch Tammy come clean it up for him.”

Some others, however, defended Waka for his rights to freedom of speech. “So what? It’s a free country,” one person wrote back to the critics. Another argued, “People love Obama cause he’s black.. can’t name 10 things he did for us as black people during his time..don’t say Obamacare.” Agreeing, another added, “There are actually tons of people who were not fans of Obama.”

What’s going on with our black men? They all deciding to show out the last two weeks before the elections.

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