Viral TikTok Librarian Mychel Threets Resigns Over Mental Health Concerns |

Viral TikTok Librarian Mychel Threets Resigns Over Mental Health Concerns

A Northern California librarian who amassed a large social media following by sharing videos that were filled with positivity and uplifting messages recently announced that he’ll be leaving his position in March to prioritize his mental health.

via: Complex

On Friday, Threets shared a new post on his TikTok where he announced he’d be leaving his position at the library to tap in with his team and “prioritize” his mental health. Threets became popular on social media for videos highlighting his life as a librarian, which he hoped would spread what he refers to as “library joy.”

He opened his video thanking the library for being a “safe place” for him while also giving him some of his best memories, such as making friends and landing his first job. Despite all the good times he had, Threets let his followers know that his last day at the library would be on March 1.

“I am leaving to prioritize my mental health,” Threets said. “To work with my mental health check-in team, but I’m hoping to make you so very proud. I’m hoping to fight for literacy. There is so much going on across the nation, across the world that are impacting libraries and I wanna support them as much as I’m able to.”

He added, “Worldwide, nationwide, going before Congress, letting them know how much libraries need funding, deserve fundings. Funding libraries is funding the community, funding our togetherness, our unity, making us better people.”

@mychal3ts Dear @Solano County Library, Solano County library kids, Solano County library grown-ups… thank you for introducing me to library joy and book joy ???? #BookTok #LibraryTikTok #Storytime ? original sound – mychal

Threets ended his video by stating the library is in good hands and promised to visit sometime in the near future. The 33-year-old didn’t give a reason why he needed to focus on his mental health, but various people in the comment section wished him well.

“Mychal, please remember that the world is a better place with you in it. We love you, Buddy. Stay strong,” one person said. Another wrote, “Hey Mychal, please know that you are loved and so cherished. You are a light to this world even through your struggles. I believe that God is using you purposefully to bring and spread joy to so many.”

Others called for PBS to revive Reading Rainbow and have Threets host the show. PBS hired Threets to become their resident librarian on a new social media series earlier this month.

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