Viola Davis Reveals She Smiles All the Time -- Even Through Hot Flashes -- Because People Say She Has a ‘Hostile Face’ [Video]


Viola Davis recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and chatted it up about her experience at this year’s Emmys.

The ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ star dished on having hot flashes during the ceremony and why she always works so hard to keep a happy face, despite feeling the heat.

via NYDN:

“People apparently think I have a hostile face,” she said. “People mistake me for [How to Get Away with Murder’s] Annlise Keating and [Suicide Squad’s] Amanda Waller, so I have to smile. I have to overly smile as if I’m doing a Colgate commercial.” Grinning can prove a difficult task however, especially when things start to heat up.

“Can I just tell you, I had about five hot flashes during the Emmy Awards? Listen they come in succession sometimes, so as soon as one is over another one comes,” she told the talk show host. “Everyone else is like, ‘It’s freezing! It’s freezing!’ and you have sweat dripping — and then your name is not called. It’s Tatiana Maslany and you’re having a hot flash.”

The hot flashes, paired with some messy eating habits, were enough to make Davis hope for a loss for the lead actress Emmy.

“I knew I would have to get up on stage with that damn peanut butter on my Marchesa dress,” she said on the sandwiches Kimmel had passed out during the award show. “I looked under my bag and I had big chunks of peanut butter. We ate the hell out of those things! I mean I was sucking my fingers on those sandwiches.”

Watch Viola speak on it below.

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