Video Appears to Show 6ix9ine and Gervonta Davis Antagonizing Each Other in Club [Video]

Tekashi 6ix9ine just can’t stay out of the news for too long, tensions ran high in the club last night when 6ix9ine crossed paths with Gervonta Davis.

via: Complex

Tekashi 6ix9ine, ever the troll, has appeared in videos circulating on social media of him flashing cash in a club and antagonizing boxer Gervonta Davis.

The two were spotted in a Miami club on Saturday night, with 6ix9ine throwing about his cash while accompanied by his girlfriend and a small entourage. Davis was also present, and at some point in the night, the two crossed paths leading to an allegedly tense atmosphere. The video shows 6ix9ine specifically throwing cash at Davis, however, presumably to provoke a reaction out of the boxer.

In one of the clips, he can be seen standing off against him from across the club. 6ix9ine appeared to be yelling something at Davis, although none of what he said can be heard in the clip due to the loud music playing in the club. It’s worth pointing out that 6ix9ine was granted early release from prison in April due to his asthma, with his lawyer claiming his client was high-risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, but here he can be seen in the crowded Miami club.

In a series of posts on his Instagram Story, Davis appeared to address the situation. “Snitchk,” he wrote in his first post. “You get hit for just being around a mf… but who am I!”

Uncharacteristically, the controversial rapper hasn’t replied to Davis yet, although he hasn’t posted on Instagram since September. The rapper was effectively chased off of social media after his comeback album, Tattle Tales, failed to make much of an impression on the Billboard 200 album chart. Shortly after that, it was reported that he was treated for an alleged overdose of caffeine and hydroxycut, a weight loss supplement. So, you know, normal stuff.

This isn’t the time to beefing in clubs, every week there seem to be another rapper shot. People really need to chill out in these streets.

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