Up! Up! Up! 'Empire' Continues Historic Ratings Growth Streak, Climbs for Ninth Straight Week


Update: In final numbers, Empire increased from 14.7 million viewers to 14.9 million and garnered a 5.8 rating in the adults 18 – 49 demographic (up from the preliminary 5.6).


Empire nabbed 14.7 million viewers (up 400,000 from last week) and earned an enormous preliminary 5.6 rating (down for the first time but could rise in the final tally) in the all-important adults 18 – 49 demographic.

As long as it continues to soar to new highs, we’ll continue to provide a week-to-week breakdown of Empire‘s unprecedented growth streak as promised. Check it out below.

January 7: 9.9 million viewers

January 14: 10.32 million viewers

January 21: 11.07 million viewers

January 28: 11.36 million viewers

February 4: 11.47 million viewers

February 11: 11.96 million viewers

February 18: 13.02 million viewers

February 26: 13.9 million viewers

March 4: 14.3 million viewers

March 11: 14.7 million viewers

Empire‘s ratings refuse to #dripdropdripdrippitydrop.

The two-hour finale airs next Wednesday starting at 8.

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