Unbelievable: Mike Brown's Memorial Tree Slashed in Half After Only One Night in Ferguson [Photos]


While mainstream media seems to have moved on from Ferguson, Missouri, it’s clear that tension still remains high in the city where 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by local police officer Darren Wilson.

Less than one day after caucus members planted a tree to commemorate Mike’s life, it was slashed in half.

The maimed tree, which was planted Saturday in January Wabash Memorial Park, was found by members of the community.

Naturally, Ferguson residents were appalled by the action. One resident who spoke with local television station KMOV accused the unknown perpetrator of wanting to “start something back up again.”

Unfortunately, police have no idea who is responsible for destroying Mike’s memorial.

It goes without saying that there are truly some hateful people in the world.

See the before and after pics below.



[via Mashable]

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