Tristan Thompson's Ex, Jordan Craig, Is Reportedly Furious with Khloé Kardashian for 'Overstepping Her Bounds' and Sending Son Prince Home in Designer Clothes


Jordan Craig, Tristan Thompson’s ex and the mother of his son, Prince, is reportedly upset with the amount of influence Khloé Kardashian seems to have over her one-year-old.

via Radar Online:

“Khloe’s overstepping the bounds with Jordan’s son Prince and Jordan wants her to knock it off before there’s a problem,” a source exclusively told Radar.

“Khloe’s been sending him home with designer clothes, expensive toys and just spoiling him,” the source continued.

“She’s even taken family pictures with Prince and that really pissed Jordan off.”

As Radar reported, Thompson, 27, recently angered Craig when he posted a photo showing him with Prince alongside True, his newborn daughter with Kardashian.

“Jordan knows this is not Tristan’s doing,” said the source, noting that before the NBA baller welcomed True in April, “Tristan was basically an absentee father.”

“Jordan feels like Khloe’s using her son to keep Tristan close to her and Jordan is not about to let that happen,” said the source. “She’s not cool with Prince being used by Khloe and her family.”

And to ensure Kardashian, 34, stays away from the boy, Craig is making a new demand.

“She’s told Tristan that he’s welcome to see his son but if and when he does that, she wants him to come to her,” said the source.

What do you think, is Khloé doing too much with Prince? Or do you think she’s just making sure she treats her daughter True and Tristan’s son the same?

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