Trina Attempts to Clarify Comments Likening Protesters to Animals: 'That's Not Who I Am' [Video]

Trina got back on the radio this morning and addressed the backlash she received for likening protesters storming the streets calling for justice to “animals.”

Yesterday, Trina said:

“They need to make the curfew at 6 pm to 6 am, that’s how I feel. Keep everybody off the streets, these animals off the streets … acting like they escaped from a zoo. Lock them up at 5 p.m., so the streets can be nice and clean.”

In the same conversation, she said that she’s not afraid of being pulled over or abused by the police because she has her license, registration and insurance.

After a swift and intense backlash — including a petition calling to get her fired from her radio job — Trina offered a non-apology and clarification of what she was trying to say.

“Me, in my Trina’s world, I’m automatically speaking for Black people. I am the Black people. I am Black people. That’s who I’m speaking for and I’m not going to say Black people are animals. But I didn’t say that, ‘Hey, my Black people or all of my people.’ I’m not talking to you. Not the protestors that are trying to make change.

And this is why, the day after, when I spoke to the commissioner, I said to Trick, well, I learned a lot more about what’s really happening… Because I’m trying to understand what’s the solution. What is the answer to everything that’s happening and it’s more than just in the streets or people doing whatever. It’s the commissioners, it’s the governors, the mayors, it’s the chief of police. I had no idea of that so now I’m understanding that. And these are the people that has to protect the cities. So now these are the people you want to talk to, you want answers from. You want change.

That’s just what I was speaking from. Not a store, not nobody’s fancy car. None of that. I don’t care about that. I’m just speaking from where I felt…things that I saw.

I’m not calling nobody’s color or anything. The gap was, I didn’t say Black people, my people. And I would never say that or call Black people animals. Or any name. I am a Black person. I must be an animal. I must be the same person. I mean, that’s not who I am.”

Listen below.


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