Towanda Braxton Admits Going on A 'Few Dates' with Kordell Stewart + Trina Says She'll 'Bat for the Other Team' [Video]

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The Braxton sisters made a recent appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show  & of course Aresnio didn’t hold back.

Getting down to business, he asked Towanda Braxton straight up whether or not she was dating Kordell Stewart. She coyly admitted they’ve been on a few dates and have the same sign…but that’s as far as she went.

Arsenio quickly turned his attention to Trina Braxton and asked about her rocky marriage. In an interesting revelation, Trina admitted that if things don’t work out between her and husband Gabe (whom she’s filed for divorce from, but have since somewhat rekindled with)  that she’s open to ‘batting for the other team’.

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