‘Today’ Show Abruptly Cuts to Commercials After Streaker Runs Past Studio [Video]

Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie, and Hoda Kobt were hosting an extremely normal episode of NBC’s Today show this morning when the broadcast was interrupted by a naked man running in the background.

via: Page Six

The “Today” show abruptly cut to commercials after a streaker sprinted past the studio while hosts Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Craig Melvin were live on air, causing chaos on set Monday morning.

A completely naked runner was seen jogging right outside the NBC show’s iconic Studio 1A window that looks out onto the streets of Midtown Manhattan.

“Oh, there was a naked runner,” Melvin, 42, calmly said while trying to stay on topic, adding, “Brand-new from Hoda Kotb, a new podcast …”

However, Guthrie, 49, quickly interrupted her co-host, excitedly pointing toward the streaker and shouting, “There he goes!”

“Where are your clothes?” she asked before Kotb, 57, added, “Bye!” as she, too, turned to watch the buff buffoon.

“Get your clothes on!” Kotb demanded, as Melvin, who eventually lost his cool as well, yelled, “What are you doing?”

All three hosts immediately looked stunned over the NSFW display.

“What is happening? Oh, my gosh, Hoda,” Guthrie said, turning to the camera in utter shock as she tried to compose herself.

The show suddenly cut to a commercial break right after.

Naturally, viewers had a field day on social media over the jaw-dropping sighting.

“This fella is nuts!” one person jokingly tweeted.

“At least it’s not Matt Lauer,” another savagely commented.

“There’s a brief moment of Full Frontal nudity, and then they cut to ads. (Maybe he was going to keep running past the window?),” another surmised.

The streaker made off in a flash, and fortunately for the network, his lower half was mostly concealed by crowd control barricades with the “Today” logo on them.

Who said the morning news is boring.

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