Tisha Campbell Says She Was Almost Kidnapped by a Fake Taxi Driver [Video]

Tisha Campbell took to Instagram with a harrowing tale of almost being kidnapped.

In the video, she says she was leaving a building when she asked them for a number to call a taxi. As she explains in more detail, she called the number and a really sketchy vehicle with two men pulled up and the driver told her to get in.

She noticed the vehicle was dirty and busted so she told the driver she wouldn’t get in. That’s when he told her to get in the front seat. At this time, the second person in the backseat started motioning his body towards her.

Tisha says she went back inside to the front desk and the man who gave her the number was gone. She spoke to a woman, who informed her that the number he gave her was NOT the usual number they use for taxis.

As you can imagine, Tisha tells the story with much more colorful language — click play on the clip below.


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