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Tiger Woods Joins Michael Jordan, LeBron James as Billionaire Athletes

Michael Jordan and LeBron James have company in the billionaire athletes club.

via: CBS Sports

Tiger Woods may not be winning majors at the rate he used to, but he’s still adding milestones to his name. According to Forbes, Woods’ net worth, for the first time ever, is estimated at $1 billion — and this comes after he reported declined a ‘mind-blowingly enormous’ high nine-digit LIV Golf deal.

Woods is just the third professional athlete to become a billionaire, joining a pair of basketball starts: Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Forbes estimated that James achieved billionaire status earlier in June, making him the first active NBA player to have a net worth of at least $1 billion.

Diving deeper into his finances, Forbes reported that, despite being one of the top golfers that the sport has ever seen, less than 10 percent of Woods’ net worth is from what he’s earned on the golf course. Where Woods really has made a ton of money is from several sponsorship deals with companies including Gatorade, Nike, TaylorMade and Monster Energy. All of those sponsors appear on Woods’ golf bag.

TGR Design, TGR Live and TGR Ventures are also all business ventures that Woods has gotten involved in.

Woods has also gotten involved in designing golf courses as of late. He purchased a stake in PopStroke, which is a mini-golf company that has locations across Florida.

Forbes noted that Woods has earned $68 million over just the past year, despite not playing much on the PGA Tour after recovering from a serious car crash.

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