Tiffany Haddish Asked Usher For Permission Before Using Herpes Joke

Tiffany Haddish is doing her best not to make any enemies.

via Complex:

The comedian and actress told Cosmopolitan for its Travel Issue that she makes sure to “check and verify with people” beforehand. “If I can’t say it to your face, I shouldn’t be able to say it,” she said. “Period. That’s how I draw the line.” 

When asked for an example, she pointed to Usher.

“I got this joke, ‘I curse you out with joy. I hope that you spread it. I hope you spread it like Usher spreads herpes.’ I have said that in front of Usher,” Haddish said, adding that Usher responded, “Your ass is crazy.” She also apparently told him, “I said, ‘Yeah, well, there’s a rumor out there saying you got herpes. I don’t know if you do or don’t, but that sh*t is funny.’” And he agreed.

“If he had said, ‘Tiff, don’t say that no more. I don’t like it. I’m not comfortable with you saying that,’ I would stop saying it.”

A few years ago, Usher made headlines when a handful of women claimed that he gave them the sexually transmitted disease, and sued him for it. While one case was reportedly settled outside the court and the others were dismissed, the news spurred a number of memes and jokes.

Well, that’s nice of her — sidebar, that blonde hair looks great!

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