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Tia Mowry is sharing positive words of encouragement to women.

via: BET

Mowry has been vocal about supporting women who may be struggling to leave relationships that are no longer serving them. Since her divorce from actor Cory Hardrict, the Family Reunion star has shared her journey as a newly single woman and how therapy helped her move forward after her 14-year marriage.

In an appearance on “Chris GQ Perry” on YouTube last week, Perry asked Mowry what she would advise women who want to leave relationships that are inevitably ending.

“I think what I would say to her is No. 1 focus on self-love,” Mowry responded, per the Huffington Post. “Meaning, really look deep into yourself and really get to know yourself, understand yourself. And a lot of that happens in some sort of isolation.”

She again emphasized that a lack of self-love could be why many women stay in failing relationships.

“They love that person more than they love themselves,” she said. “When you love — truly, truly love yourself — you start to understand self-worth, self-value, and what it is that you deserve.”

Mowry filed for divorce in late 2022. She and Hardrict finalized their agreement earlier this year—including joint custody of their two children, a son, Cree, 12, and a daughter, Cairo, 5.

In an interview with HelloBeautiful earlier this spring, Mowry shared that her children were a major motivating factor in ending her marriage. “[They can say] my mommy is living and chasing her truth. I want my children to do that. That’s the best gift I can give them,” she said. “I want for them not to live a life that I want them to live, for them not to live a life that everybody else wants them to live or what they think that they should be or live.”

Mowry has been keeping fans in the loop on her post-divorce dating life with fun videos on TikTok. In a recent one, she Mowry wrote, “ghosting, and love bombing, and emotional unavailability, OH MY. kidding, but not kidding.”

In the post, Mowry wrote, “When anyone asks me about my dating life,” she also lipsynchs to the viral sound, “It got worse. But I feel like it’s about to get worser. It got worser!”

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