Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Embody Black Love on This Month's 'Ebony' Cover [Video]

One of Hollywood’s hottest power couples at the moment is none other than Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert, whose beauty recently graced the cover of Ebony Magazine along with their two daughters – Junie and Rue.

via: Revolt

Today (April 11), Ebony released their latest cover and it features Taylor and Shumpert along with their two gorgeous girls Iman Tayla “Junie” and Rue Rose.

In the shot, the family is all sporting similar shades of dark purple and tan. Taylor has ditched her trademark big, curly hair and opted for a short, natural curly cut. Shumpert and the kids are seen embracing their natural hair as well.

The couple goes on to discuss how they maintain balance while pursuing their passions and having a steady and loving role in their children’s lives.

While showcasing their Black love, Shumpert was asked what it looks like to him. He responded that it “looks like the pain you share with someone else, so it’s not as heavy. It means unconditional love because you’re going to celebrate together when it doesn’t hurt anymore.” He continued, “It’s affectionate and unapologetic; it is bold and needed in a world full of hate. I love Black love.”

Shumpert — who is an NBA champion — recently won season 30 the hit TV show, “Dancing with the Stars” which included a 30-city live show.

Taylor was sure to add how she nurtures and encourages her kid’s creativity.

“We let her express herself emotionally. We think that’s important. If Junie wants to be an engineer, then a drummer, or she wants to do ballet, and then tap, we will give her every little thing that she needs until she decides what she wants. We allow her to do whatever it is that her heart desires. And I think that’s what also keeps her respectful because sometimes when you hold on to kids too tight, when they get older, they rebel. Finding a great balance with children is very important.”

Although Taylor had previously announced her retirement from the music industry, her passions have led her back to the stage.

The “Maybe” singer recently stated that new dates for her “The Last Rose Petal Tour PART 2” would be coming soon.

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