Taraji P. Henson Talks Baltimore Riots, Says She's Afraid Her Son Could Get 'Choked Out' by Police like Eric Garner | lovebscott.com

Taraji P. Henson Talks Baltimore Riots, Says She’s Afraid Her Son Could Get ‘Choked Out’ by Police like Eric Garner


Taraji P. Henson was honored by the American Black Film Festival on Wednesday. While at the ceremony, Taraji spoke with Us Weekly and opened up about the riots surrounding Freddie Gray’s death.

She told the publication:

“It’s sad. It hurts. It’s scary. It’s very, very scary. I’m the mother of an African-American young man,” she said referring to her only child, 20-year-old son Marcel. “It’s very scary, the times we’re living in. I mean, it’s almost like it’s The Twilight Zone. Because look at how well we’re getting along here and then you turn on the news and it’s like a reminder of how bad things really are.”

“[It’s like] he’s not allowed to have a bad day,” the mom said of her concerns for her son. “If he gets pulled over by the cops and you know he’s been pulled over one too many times and he’s like, ‘Why are you messing with me?’, like Eric Garner, he could get choked out on the sidewalk, just for voicing an opinion. Just for being a human and having a bad day. Not breaking the law. You know? Just because he answered the officer wrong, he can have his life taken and that scares the s—t out of me.”

Just last month, Taraji apologized after accusing law enforcement of racially profiling her son. She has hopes that we can all “mend the relationship between police officers and the community.”

“I remember when I grew up, we used to refer to police officers as Officer Friendly. They would come into the public schools and talk to the kids and say ‘Don’t do drugs’ and ‘Go to school and learn,’ come to school and talk to the kids,” she explained. “So there was a certain trust. Then when crack got dropped off and the war on drugs, it all changed. And it became mostly military, it was very military. What are the officers doing with the same weapons that you’re using overseas on citizens of the United States? I don’t understand.”

We don’t understand either, Taraji.

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