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Taraji P. Henson Says 50 Cent Is Embarrassing Himself By Trolling ‘Empire’ [Video]

50 Cent is only embarrassing himself by comparing ‘Empire’ and his show ‘Power’ — according to Taraij P. Henson.

She stopped by T.I.’s Expeditiously podcast where she shared her thoughts on 50’s trolling.

via Complex:

“Our show has nothing to do with his show, we’re talking two different subject matters,” Henson said. “Then again 50, do you know what the fuck I had to do to get here? Why tear down another black person? For ‘competition?’ There are a million other shows you can compete with. And to do that publically, it’s embarrassing.”

It’s doubtful that Henson’s comments will change his approach to business. 50’s feud with Henson regarding their respective shows dates all the way back to at least 2015, when 50 called out Empire for copying Power’s marketing campaign.

“POWER Season 2 is unbelievably good trust me. I have the best writers and showrunner. I like Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson. I don’t like that they would copy the marketing,” 50 wrote in a since-deleted post on Instagram.

Henson replied on Twitter, “I pay attention to $’s NOT cents.”

Speaking with The Wrap, Henson changed her tone a bit, saying, “50 Cent is a comedian. He loves to push buttons. He’s a funny guy. I never took offense to it. If anything, I thought he was trying to jab at [Howard]. He’s jealous of his looks.”

Both shows are ending, so this back-and-forth is tired.

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