Taraji P. Henson Passionately Accepts the 'Fight Against the System' MTV Movie Award for 'Hidden Figures': 'This Movie Was Bigger Than All of Us'

‘Hidden Figures’ took home the MTV Movie and TV Award for ‘Fight Against the System’ on Sunday and Taraji P. Henson was in the building to accept on behalf of the cast & crew.

To make the moment even more special, the award was presented by Tracee Ellis Ross and U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

“Thank you for your work, thank you for your voice and how you use it, and thank you for being an extraordinary example for all of us, especially in these times,” Tracee¬†said, going “offscript” to praise the Congresswoman.

“Artists, actors, singers and citizens have a unique ability to speak out and inspire change,” Ms. Waters said before introducing the nominees — each of which, she added, “pushes back against the bullies, and uses their platform to inspire us all.”

Get Out, Loving, Luke Cage and Mr. Robot were also nominated.

You can read Taraji’s full speech below.

Oh, my god, this popcorn is heavy. Oh, jeez, this is amazing. Hey. Oh, wow. Thank you. Wow. Thank. I love you, baby. Thank you. This movie was very important. I feel weird because there’s pieces of the perfect puzzle that are missing tonight. My sisters, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monet, wherever you are, I love you. Our beautiful director Ted Melfi, I love you so much. I love you. This movie was bigger than all of us. We understood that, we understood the task at hand. We understood that this is a part of history that needed to be reimplemented into the blood and the veins of American history.

And for me, it was very important because I grew up with an understanding. No one ever told me that girls couldn’t do math and science, but there was an understanding, right? There was an understanding that it was for boys. So I remember getting this script, being very upset because I felt like a dream was stolen from me. And it became my mission and everyone’s mission who was involved with this film, to dispel that myth so that another young girl would not grow up thinking that her mind wasn’t capable of grasping math and science. If it were not for these women, we wouldn’t be in space. And not only that, the message of the movie is togetherness. Like I hate the separatism, I hate that it’s man versus woman, black versus white, gay versus straight. Whatever. We’re all humans, right. God is very clever. God is very clever. He made us all different for a reason so we better figure it out. I love you. Thank you MTV. Thank you for everyone that voted. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Congrats to the ‘Hidden Figures’ cast & crew!

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