Tank Defends Beyoncé After Bishop Condemns Her "Thotty" Record "Church Girl" [Video]

Bishop Patrick Wooden, Sr., President and CEO of the Upper Room COGIC was not too happy with Beyonce’s song ‘Church Girl’ with Twinkie Clark’s sample, on her new ‘Renaissance’ album.

via: Revolt

Singer-songwriter Tank issued a reminder that when it comes to judgement, it is best to “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” The R&B crooner doled out the biblical lesson, which is anchored on the scripture John 8:7, in defense of Beyoncé on Friday (Aug. 12). Heading into the weekend, the Renaissance singer found herself the target of a speech by Bishop Patrick L. Wooden Sr. that condemned her for her song “Church Girl.”

The Upper Room Church of God in Christ leader accused the Grammy-award winning artist of releasing “sacrilege” and having lyrics that were nothing short of a “desecration.” On the record, Beyoncé sings, “Nobody can judge me but me, I was born free…Church girls actin’ loose, bad girls actin’ snotty,” along with a host of other flirty and “thotty” lyrics. The song is reminiscent of a church song as well as hip hop and uptempo dance vibes. It also samples “Center Of Thy Will.” A song that was made famous by gospel singing duo The Clark Sisters in the 80s.

Bishop Wooden held nothing back when noting how offended he was by the sample and un-church-like record as a whole. “To sample the song of a real church lady, Twinkie Clark…I don’t know whether she knew what she was going to do with the song or not. But she knows she not saved. I pray to God that a stiff denunciation of what she did with that song is put out. It shows that we’re not speaking up. Nobody respects the church,” Wooden declared.

Tank, who has openly shared that he grew up in a church environment, jumped to the “Alien Superstar” singer’s defense by reminding Wooden that his own salvation should be of greater concern than that of Beyoncé’s. “Who are you pastor to question the salvation of Beyoncé?” he asked. He continued, “Who gives you the authority and that right to question what she believes in her heart because of a song on top of a Clark Sisters record?”

The “When We” vocalist further added that “the judgement that you have cast. Assuming that this woman has sold her soul to the devil. Immediately, condemning her to hell. Where did you find this position? Who gave you God’s position?”

Watch Bishop Patrick Wooden, Sr full remarks below.

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