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Tamar Braxton Disses Tommie Lee, Tommie Responds Shares Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson’s DMs [Video]

Tamar Braxton had a few things to get off her chest about Tommie Lee while opening up about getting back with Jeremy Robinson. The singer confirmed her recent reconciliation with her ex-fiancé, Jeremy Robinson, as she graced the stage at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida, on Friday evening.

Braxton told the crowd, “Y’all are lying if you thought I would let my man go just because he took a cr**khead to a basketball game.”

Not one to let things slide.

Tommie Lee took to Instagram and came with receipts to clear up any confusion about the outing she shared with Tamar’s man, Jeremy Robinson, last month before the couple’s reconciliation.

via: The Shade Room

In her video, Tommie admitted she had contacted the attorney in the DMs and told him how well he wears his suits.

While it’s unclear whether Jeremy was aware of the feud between her and Tamar, screenshots of the messages shared by Tommie appear to show the two complimenting each other’s looks before Jeremy suggested they meet up.

“From there, he was thirsty,” Tommie said. “What’s wrong with me going to a game? What is wrong with the situation is that that is your man, as you call it…”

Tommie went on to allege that after Jeremy allegedly paid for a room at the Waldorf hotel using his points, she was over the pettiness and decided to kick him to the curb. Tommie continued by explaining, “It was a one-night thing.”

Even though Tommie and Jeremy apparently met up for one night, Robinson allegedly divulged all kinds of dirt about Tamar’s personal life. He alleged that he kicked the singer out of his Atlanta home and she had to return to her mom’s house.

Among the many allegations, Tommie also accused Tamar of lying about the ticket sales for her Love & War 10th Anniversary Tour. She explained that Jeremy told Tamar’s concerts were never sold out despite what the singer informed fans.

“He told me a lot of things that he shouldn’t have told a stranger — I just met this man,” she said. “If that’s your man, as you say, then you need to check him and check your situation to see if you’re sleeping with the enemy or not.”

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