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T-Pain Responds to Claim He Didn’t Tip Uber Driver [Video]

T-Pain is currently trekking across North America on his The Road To Wiscansin Tour. During their travels, T-Pain and his touring team built up a hefty Uber bill. A Reddit thread has since gone viral from the Uber driver’s daughter accusing T-Pain of not tipping and “drinking up” her mini-bar.

via: Complex

“My mom drove T-Pain and his lady friends around two nights in a row while Ubering,” read the original post, as T-Pain highlighted in his series of TikTok videos addressing the claims. “He drank up her free minibar and didn’t tip.” The rapper and singer-songwriter was quick to call out the post, which has since been deleted. He said it’s not only misleading, but it’s also inaccurate.

“Good old Mildred,” he started the first of the clips, in which he also questioned the “lady friends” portion of the story, as he was accompanied by his wife and his assistant. “Don’t try to paint this like it’s just T-Pain and some bitches riding around.”

As he explained, on weekdays there are only five Uber XL drivers in the town, which he was in to visit his wife’s “old air force base.” He clarified that he wasn’t the person who ordered the Uber, and he actually showcased some of the receipts as shared in a text change.

Screenshots show two Uber riders with a driver named Mildred, totaling $19.62. On the rides, the Uber user tipped $8 and left the driver two five-star reviews. “Look, none of that is to say Mildred was bad,” he added, noting that he actually thought her car was very nice. However, the original post was deleted, and T-Pain thought it was funny how that happened the moment he provided proof.

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@tpain #ThatsJustTips ? original sound – T-Pain

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