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T.I. Challenged to Fight by Charleston White After He Beefed With Rapper’s Son King [Video]

T.I. and Charleston White are embroiled in beef after the infamous YouTuber recently called out Tip’s son, King Harris.

via: Complex

White kicked off the feud last week by throwing shade at T.I.’s 18-year-old child King Harris, as well as Boosie Badazz’s son Tootie Raww.

“Boosie, your boy don’t know how to fight,” White said in an Instagram video. “Neither do that T.I. little yellow motherfucker, long-haired freak. That little motherfucker don’t know how to fight either. N***a, y’all babies is rapper n***a babies.”


King Harris responded to White with a video in which he called him “bitch” and threatened to “whoop [Charleston’s] ass.”

“Charleston White, you’s a bitch, boy,” King said. “We was ’bout to whoop your ass when you come back down here from telling. I can see you had a soft upbringing.”

After White blasted King for threatening him, even claiming he told the Atlanta Police Department and Fulton County District Attorney on the teen, T.I. decided to get involved.

On Monday, the Grand Hustle MC hopped on social media to call out White for threatening his son.

“Come deal with the daddy,” T.I. said in a clip posted on IG. “If you don’t want no trouble, what you keep kicking up dust for? If you scared to show up somewhere, that’s fear. I don’t operate in fear. I don’t need no security around me.”

Of course, T.I.’s participation in the beef appears to be merely the beginning, as White returned to social media to detail a phone call he had with the Trap Muzik rapper, which apparently didn’t solve anything.

“Just got off the phone with T.I. bitch ass,” White said. “You don’t get to dictate anything. Deal with me like I ain’t a comedian. I’m the big dog talking. You ain’t never won a fight.”

The YouTuber didn’t stop there. On Monday, he returned to Instagram to challenge T.I. to a UFC fight. “We really can get in that ring for some money, n***a, since you running your mouth,” Charleston said.

White also suggested his son can fight King as well.

Check out his comments below.

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