Storm Reid Says She Can 'Always' Go to 'Euphoria' Costar Zendaya for Advice: 'That's My Big Sis' |

Storm Reid Says She Can ‘Always’ Go to ‘Euphoria’ Costar Zendaya for Advice: ‘That’s My Big Sis’

Storm Reid knows she can count on ‘big sis’ Zendaya for good advice.

via People:

“I always go to her for advice,” said the Missing actress, 19. “She’s always just super honest, super blunt, in the most loving, gentle way. But she’s still gonna tell you how she feels. And I love that because I am a very blunt, straightforward person. Just cut around all of the extra fluff and, you know, get straight to the point.”

Reid plays Zendaya’s younger sister Georgia “Gia” Bennett on Euphoria. Even though their characters in the acclaimed HBO drama frequently butt heads, the pair’s off-screen dynamic is far from that.

From Reid’s own experience, the 26-year-old Emmy winner — who plays Ruby “Rue” Bennett — is “sweet.”

“That’s my big sis,” Reid continued. “With each other and in general, I think it’s just important to be real. I think we live in a very, very fake world sometimes. So it’s good to cut through the fluff.”

Zendaya, who is also an executive producer on Euphoria, previously said Reid was her “dream casting” for the role of her character’s younger sibling.

“As she’s come up, I’ve always been told, ‘Oh my gosh, she looks just like Zendaya!’ So when a role for my little sister came around, I was like, ‘Storm! We have to work together,'” she told BuzzFeed U.K. in 2018. “She’s adorable and she’s awesome.”

We love that for them.

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