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Spike Lee Pleads With African-Americans To Get Covid-19 Vaccination

With the coronavirus disease pandemic underscoring racial and healthcare disparities in the United States, filmmaker and legend Spike Lee is playing a role in promoting public immunization and overcoming doubts about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Spike Lee posted images from his vaccine shot on Instagram in an effort to encourage other “black and brown people” to get the injection.

The filmmaker, who is a tenured professor at New York University graduate film school, received his Pfizer vaccine jab last week and went public with the procedure on social media because he fears too many African-Americans and Latinos are reluctant to sign up and take the double-dose shot.

“When I took my Pfizer vaccine, I put it on my Instagram and the reason I wanted to do that is, there are too many black and brown people that are hesitant to take the vaccine,” he tells Billboard. “I understand that, because of the history of medicine and science has used black and brown people… (But) this thing, this coronavirus, is not a hoax and not a game and is devastating our brown and black communities.”

“It is killing black and brown people two and three times more than any other population. So, I was just trying to reach out and encourage people to do their own research – not on social media – and make their own decisions. There is a large, large segment of Black and Brown people who don’t want to take the vaccine, don’t trust it.”

“Hopefully, there will be some who might consider it, seeing me and other people, like Tyler Perry who got the vaccine and made a BET special about it. I think it is very important that people take this vaccine.”

And Spike is urging fans and followers to stay on top of health and safety measures, adding, “Another thing that doctors were telling me at NYU is that with these new variants, we all need to start wearing double masks. Double up. This is very important.”

“These new strains, coming out of the U.K., South Africa, Brazil, we all need to double up on the masks. Be safe, double up, double up, double up.”

Do your research and figure out what’s best for you, but most importantly do your own research.

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