Sherri Shepherd's Husband Lamar Sally Talks Excitement for Being a Father & Losing 50 lbs on 'Divorce Diet'


Sherri Shepherd has yet to publicly speak on her messy divorce, but her estranged husband Lamar Sally has no problem talking to the media.

Lamar Sally told PEOPLE that he’s lost “freakin’ 50 pounds” as he goes through the process of separating from his wife, actress and The View regular Sherri Shepherd. 

“Use a slim picture,” he joked. “Not the fat one from six months ago … I’m on the divorce diet.” 

Sally declined any further comment on his divorce from Shepherd, but added, “I’m happy to be a father.” 

It has to be a slap in the face to Sherri — not only is Sally seeking full custody of their unborn child, but he’s comfortable enough to make jokes about their divorce in the media?

How rude.

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