Sherri Shepherd Breaks Down on 'The View' While Talking about her Son


She’s had a pretty stressful month, and unfortunately things don’t seem to be getting better for Sherri Shepherd.

The daytime talk show host became emotional when talking about being a single mother on today’s episode of ‘The View.’

[He says] Why do you have to go to work, why do you have to? And you are trying to explain to them ‘Mommy is trying to pay the bills. Mommy’s trying to take care of you. ‘” Sherri said.

The television host is currently battling custody of her unborn child with her soon-to-be ex-husband Lamar Sally.

To make matters worst, Shepherd’s first ex-husband, Jeffrey Tarpley, filed emergency court documents that requested temporary custody of their son Jeffrey.

Friend and supporter, Wendy Williams, came to Sherri’s defense on her own talk show saying, “I think it’s terrible that these two guys have gotten together and they’re trying to bury Sherri. He (Tarpley) says that her schedule is too busy and that she is neglecting their son Jefferey and leaving him with unskilled nannies. Well, somebody’s got to work.

Do you agree with Wendy?

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