Sexyy Red Seemingly Announced She’s Pregnant [Photos] |

It looks like congratulations to are in order for Sexyy Redd! The rapper revealed she’s pregnant in photos with SZA.

Back in August Sexyy Red was retelling a story, about a time when her friend had sex on her couch, leaving a condom behind in the trash. When Red’s boyfriend discovered the rubber, he confronted her — but according to the “Slut Me Out” rhymer, that’s not her thing.

“That wasn’t my condom. I don’t use condoms baby,” she recalled responding to her man before telling Yachty, “I’m the raw dog queen.”

While visiting the Lip Service podcast with Angela Yee in June, she revealed that she’s contracted chlamydia twice. She’s even rapped about it, as she shared her craziest lyric, “Damn this ni**a burnt me/Pu**y smoking like a cig.”
“I had chlamydia before twice,” she told the co-hosts, explaining that she contracted it after getting intimate with an ex after breaking up. “I went and did me, and he did him. And then we missed each other, came back together. Something wasn’t right.”

“We both was like, ‘What the f**k is that smell?’ And we went to the doctor together and yup… We still don’t know who did it.”

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