Say What Now? Woman Kicked Off JetBlue Flight After Live-Tweeting During Pilot's Sobriety Test [Photos + Video]


Lisa Carter-Knight is irate after JetBlue kicked her off her flight from Philadelphia to Boston on Tuesday night. She alleges she was denied service because she live-tweeted during the pilot’s sobriety test after passengers accused the pilot of being drunk.

‘JetBlue has denied me service at all on any flight back to Boston because a pilot made a decision that my social media interaction with my friends and family was not appropriate and was not going to be tolerated by him,’ tweeted Knight. ‘So, I was thrown off the flight tonight.’

So…what exactly happened?

According to Ms. Knight, she says that annoyed passengers were crowding the jetway when someone waiting joked that they hoped the bar was fully stocked. Shortly after, the pilot appeared on the jetway from the plane and said that he had been accused of drinking and now wanted everyone to go back to the gate while he underwent a sobriety test.

MyFoxPhilly reports that another passenger gave cause for the test when he joked with the pilot about his late arrival, saying, ‘This flight’s late, were you at the bar?’

That’s when Lisa began to live-tweet what was happening.



The pilot passed the sobriety test, but the airline didn’t let Lisa board her flight.

‘As a precautionary measure, a sobriety test was conducted. The test demonstrated the pilot was sober and he was cleared to perform his duties,’ JetBlue said in a statement.

Lisa told MyFoxPhilly,

‘I was just doing what I normally do with my kids, sharing information with my friends that I was frustrated that I was sitting there without a flight home and I miss my children.

Now I’m here at one o’clock in the morning with my mother, who had surgery this weekend, to pick me up because a JetBlue pilot made a decision to kick me off his flight.’

JetBlue says they are planning to investigate her exclusion from the flight.

What do you think love muffins, was she in the wrong?

[via Daily Mail]

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