Say What Now? Woman Admits to Spending $25,000 on Hair Weave Addiction


Whether your hair is 100% yours or you need a little help every now and then, maintaining a particular hairstyle can be expensive. This woman claims to have spent over $25,000 on hair weave.

Erikka Yancy, a Los Angeles-based documentary filmmaker and HuffPost blogger, recently opened up about her obsession with hair extensions in a blog aptly titled “Confessions of A Hair Weave Addict.”

Growing up in a predominately white community and attending predominately white schools all her life, Yancy says the disdain for her hair (amongst other things) was anchored in a serious racial identity crisis that proved to be emotionally and financially taxing.

“From the time I was 18 until early 2013, I have spent $25,000 getting my hair weaved, braided or extended and just over one and a half years sitting in a chair having it done,” Yancy wrote.

You can get into her full story by clicking here.

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