Say What Now? 'Wild N Out' Comedian Accuses Tyrese of Giving Male Producer Oral Sex for 'Baby Boy' Role, Tyrese Responds [Video]

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Former ‘Wild ‘N Out’ comedian Spanky Hayes has accused Tyrese of giving sexual favors in order to secure the lead role in Baby Boy.

Spanky made the allegations during his appearance on a radio show, saying that back in the day he and Tyrese beat out 30 other actors at the audition. When it came down to making the final decision, the producer in charge wanted to know who was willing to ‘suck his cock’. Spanky says he wasn’t down for it, and ultimately lost the part to Tyrese.

Tyrese responded to Spanky’s allegations in a video. For whatever reason, Tyrese grabbed his mama’s good faux fur throw, wrapped it around his back, grabbed a cigar and stepped outside to the patio to give an 8-minute long response.

In the clip, he says that the role lead role in Baby Boy was originally written for Tupac by John Singleton, who wrote, directed, and produced the film. When Tupac was killed, John said the only person in his mind left to ever play the role was Tyrese. He also says that he never had to audition.

He then breaks it down even further as to why Spanky’s allegations don’t make sense.

Let’s do the math.

I’m 35 years old. How old are you? Let’s do the numbers. If you do the numbers, when the auditions that you claimed happened went down, you was probably around 13 years old. Which in your mind — you auditioned for Baby Boy and John Singleton wanted an actual baby boy to be in the movie Baby Boy. Anybody who has seen the movie will tell you that the movie is called Baby Boy because it’s about a grown ass man that’s still living with his mama, who’s still acting like an adolescent, like a little kid, who refuses to leave home. You know you done f*cked up right?

Yikes. Watch Spanky’s allegations as well as Tyrese’s response clip below.

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