Say What Now? THIS Man Stole a Butt Plug Because He Was Too Embarrassed to Buy It [Photo]


We admit, purchasing a sex toy for the first time can be a little embarrassing — but a Florida man welcomed an entire new wave of embarrassment when he got busted trying to steal a butt plug from popular novelty store, Spencer’s.

via The Smoking Gun:

According to police, Christopher Masters, 32, was in the Vero Beach store Thursday evening when a manager spotted him removing an “Arouz’d screw butt plug” from its packaging. Masters, cops reported, placed the item in his khaki shorts. Masters then allegedly did the same with an “Arouz’d stroker can.”

After walking around Spencer’s for a few minutes, Masters (seen at right) exited the business with the purloined anal plug and the “ridged tunnel stroker,” which cops valued at a combined $29.98.

Masters, who was collared by store security, “admitted to stealing the screw butt plug and stroker can,” noted police. “Masters further stated that he had enough money on him but he was too embarrassed to pay for them because they were sex toys.”

Masters, who is listed as a mechanic in jail records, was charged with shoplifting, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail (from which he was later released on bond).

A police report does not indicate whether the sex toys were seized as evidence.

This man now has a criminal record all because of a butt plug. How unfortunate.

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